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6 Tips to Becoming a Money Attractor

Do you ever worry that you will never create real success in the business you love? If you’ve ever felt this, please take 3 minutes and read this article. First of all, know you aren’t alone. Today I wanted to talk about how certain negative beliefs and doubts (we’ve all had them) can lead to […]

Keeping Your Marketing Current Can Double Your Clients

When I started my coaching business ten years ago, marketing was totally different than it is today. What worked then doesn’t work as well now. Yet I see small business owners who cling to certain marketing methods because it’s comfortable.

The Essence of Business Success: Right Action

Guest Blog Post by Dr. Ellen Britt As a small business owner, you’ve no doubt heard that even the best marketing and sales advice in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t take action on it. And as true as the previous statement is, if you are like most entrepreneurs, you’ve never […]

Transform Your Small Business Marketing

I regularly interview small and solo business owners who call my coaching company looking for help. After getting a sense of what their business is all about, what their biggest goals are, and what lifestyle they are trying to create, I ask them what their biggest challenges are.

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