Janis Pettit is a powerful business motivational speaker who fills each presentation with valuable content. She is available to speak for corporate meetings, keynote events, breakout sessions. association meetings and particularly for groups of small business owners or entrepreneurial teams.

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The Breakthrough Mindset: Burst through Roadblocks That Keep You Stuck
and Unleash Your Highest Level of Authentic Success

What separates highly successful, happy, balanced entrepreneurs from those who struggle to build a sustainable income, a successful business and an ideal lifestyle? You might be surprised that it’s not talent, education, or work ethic, but often the habits, unconscious thought patterns and fear-based beliefs that are counterproductive and that stop us from expressing ourselves in a powerful and authentic way and from taking the specific actions that will skyrocket our success.

Experience an “aha” moment as Janis pulls back the curtain and honestly reveals the surprising ways of thinking that you need to change now.

  • What are the “money monsters” that can keep you stuck and how to release them so abundance flows into your life.
  • How can find your “sweet spot” where your purpose and passion meet your knowledge and skills. This is where your income potential exists.
  • As women, where do we sell ourselves short and unconsciously sabotage our success and exactly what to do to change
  • The Success Innovator Mindset that Janis has helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs with so they could soar.
  • How and where to get the knowledge, systems and unconditional support that will help you transform your dreams and goals into a solid 6-figure personal income.

If you are committed to reaching your success and income potential, living the lifestyle you deserve, and making a difference in the world through your work, then you won’t want to miss this.

The Breakthrough Business: The Six-Figure Business Design Formula

It’s important to learn successful techniques and tactics, but if you don’t know how to put it all together into a strategy that can generate a solid 6 or even 7-figure personal income and the life you want, you’ll be stuck with the majority of business owners who struggle or fail.

  • Learn why you need to radically change the way you think about your business
  • Learn how to release the fears, doubts and roadblocks that hold you back and breakthrough to a whole new level of success
  • Learn how to move from wishing and hoping to making the kind of money you want and deserve
  • Learn a my 8-Step proven Business Model and success strategy that will mean more clients, more sales and less struggle
  • How to make the leap from simply self-employed to truly successful Entrepreneur.

Janis will share her success system and open you eyes to transforming your daily time-sucking struggle into THE BUSINESS AND THE LIFE YOU WANT.

Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating Virtual Sales Tool

Over 80% of small business websites are basically static online brochures with little traffic, no online marketing system and no web generated sales. In today’s competitive marketplace, that’s just leaving money on the table. The Internet is pretty recession-proof and there are thousands of people who don’t know about you, but who would buy from you if they could only find you online.

In this presentation participants learn how to:

  • Create a small business website that sells for you
  • Drive a flood of traffic to your site
  • Turn that traffic into hot leads
  • Learn how e-mail marketing can convert leads to paying customers
  • Learn which simple skills you’ll need to master to create online success
  • Build your reputation as an expert, the “go to” person

If you want to take your business to the next level then don’t miss this!

How to Get and Keep All the Clients You Need

The #1 challenge for small and solo entrepreneurs is getting enough clients! Many business owners are either lacking marketing knowledge or are on information overload. So how can you cut through the clutter, do what works and really get your message heard? Janis will introduce you to an amazing 5-step cut-to-the chase marketing system that saves time, money and struggle and that has helped many of her clients more than double their income.

  • the 3 mistakes that could be blocking you from spectacular success
  • the 5 simple steps that will dramatically increase your traffic and subscribers and make ideal clients come to you… and will DECREASE your work load
  • how to STAND OUT from the crowd and grab people’s attention
  • how to start increasing your income faster
  • 3 strategies for quickly building a community of raving fans and followers
  • 4 ways to easily and authentically seal the deal
  • and best of all…a done for you solution that will open the faucet on a new flow of targeted traffic

Turn Your Knowledge into Income: How to Create and Sell Lucrative Information Products

For entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, authors, trainers and other service-based business owners who want to turn their knowledge into income…

  • Create a steady stream of passive and recurring income
  • Set yourself free from selling time for dollars
  • Dramatically increase the income from your service-based business
  • Free up more of your time
  • Reach a much bigger national or international market
  • Serve more clients than you thought possible in less time
  • Build your expert status
  • Use it to drive clients into your high-priced programs

Collaboration Strategies: How to Create Joint Ventures That Skyrocket Your Sales

One of the top recession-busting strategies small businesses should be using now is joint ventures. This eye-opening content-rich presentation sends entrepreneurs away filled with exciting ideas as to how they can open up a whole new avenue for creating lucrative sales deals.


  • How to get multiple sales with the same effort it now takes you to get one
  • Where to find the right joint venture partners
  • How to tap into hundreds of new prospects
  • How to create and set up multiple joint ventures
  • How to sell using joint ventures
  • Top joint venture strategies

Janis has recently been featured at these National Conferences

  • Novice to Advanced Marketing Conference – Atlanta GA
  • The National Organization of Professional Organizers Annual Conference
  • The Radiant Success Event for Women Entrepreneurs
  • The Impact Event

If you’re looking for a motivational speaker for your next business event,

“Janis was an outstanding speaker for our recent National Association of Women Business Owner’s (NAWBO) chapter meeting in Raleigh. Her topic, “Building Strategic Relationships: Using Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances to Grow Your Sales”, gave our members specific information they could use to jump start their business in these tough economic times. I would recommend Janis as a speaker and coach. Her knowledge and experience is invaluable. Her enthusiasm is contagious!

Jess McLamb,

President, NAWBO Greater Raleigh Chapter President, The Roper Group – The Quickbooks 

“We just wanted to thank you for taking the time to speak to our group. We appreciate your willingness to share your expertise with us… It was very well received–one of our best programs!

Valerie Gallagher

President, Women Business Owners Network or Cary

“Thank you for the excellent presentation at this morning’s Leadership Forum. The feedback I have received has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Frank Williams, President

Pioneer Strategies PR Leadership Forum

“Certainly a thoughtful and engaging presentation [Coaching Your Team to Top Performance] was made by business motivational speaker Janis Pettit to our organization. She both entertained and informed a ballroom of project managers on critical leadership skills. With a polished, direct, and sometimes humorous approach, Janis made her points successfully and provided much needed help on improving communications in project teams. Our membership truly benefited from an evening with Janis!”

Dale L. Graff, Program Chair

Project Management Institute (PMI)

“The house was packed to hear Janis Pettit talk about “Mind Set for Success”. It was a fresh approach to understanding how we can be more successful at reaching our sales potential. The techniques she taught us were very powerful and our members had lots of positive comments afterward. We’re looking forward to hearing her again soon.”

Angela Lassiter, President

Triangle Association of Sales Professionals

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding presentation at our Where Eagles Flock meeting. I could tell from the intense interest in the faces of the audience and the feedback I got later that your message “hit home”. Your presentation is meaningful for any type audience and was especially meaningful to a bunch of entrepreneurs. Thanks again for helping my group create a “Mind Set for Success.”

Bud Coggins, Founder Where Eagles Flock

“I just wanted to thank you for speaking to our association luncheon last week. We got some great feedback about your ideas to grow business. It is always good to hear good motivation information on taking business to the next level”

Matthew Stone, Program Chair

Triangle Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

“I want to thank you again for your presentation last night. You have a gift of bringing the entire audience into your “vision-set” and convincing them to open up their minds to new ideas and possibilities.”

Lea-Ann Berst

Raleigh Business and Professional Women

“Janis, thank you so much for your willingness to speak at our meeting. You touched on some important topics and I know our members appreciated the opportunity to learn something new. Without speakers such as yourself, we could not provide quality programs.”

Sarah Gaskill, Membership Services Manager

Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce

“I wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for coming to speak to our group. Everyone I spoke with mentioned how much they enjoyed your topic and were each energized about how to apply these new ideas. Thank you again!”

Mary Yount

Wake Forest Chamber of Commerce

“Janis, on behalf of Sales and Marketing Executives of Durham I want to thank you for the excellent presentation you gave us at last weeks gathering. I had excellent feedback….We really appreciate your support of SME of Durham and can’t wait to have you back in the future!”

Jim Bressler, Program Chairman

Durham Sales & Marketing Executives

“On behalf of the Triangle Consultants for Wedding and Events, I would like to thank you for speaking to us…After you left, we were still talking about … how your information would be beneficial and a wonderful tool for every company! We hope to have you coma and speak to us again in the near future.”

Joy Edwards, Vice President


“On behalf of the Greater Triangle Chapter of the International Special Events Society I want to say thank you so much to Janis for talking to our group. Her presentation [ Maximize Your Profits Now ] was extremely informative and well received among the business owners and other professionals in our group. Several of us went back to work and began implementing changes in our marketing! We would be very interested in having her back for a half day seminar in the future!”

Carol Klenke, VP of Programs and Education,

International Special Events Society

“Janis inspired a room full of business owners to re-think their marketing and put together a powerful plan following her 10 step system. She was humorous and motivating, involving the audience in her presentation. We got lots of positive comments afterward and look forward to having her back again.”

Susan Maravetz, Program Co-chair

In Your Backyard Business Owners Assoc