Transform Your Entrepreneurial Passion into Profits and Prosperity

You’ve invested your time, talent, energy, money and passion into your business. If you know it’s time to up the game and you’re ready for direct access to the PROVEN Strategies that will TRANSFORM YOUR SERVICE-BASED BUSINESS into a revenue generating powerhouse, then keep reading.

We PARTNER with our clients to show them the path to more profits, including how to grow and scale.  No cookie cutter solutions. We believe in customized solutions that fast track your success.

First where you are now?


Are you an experienced professional who is ready to leave corporate behind and turn your expertise and skills—your true brilliance– into a profitable business that makes an impact? That’s an exciting decision. We work with many people who have left the corporate world with a wealth of experience and knowledge and who dream of building a consulting business that gives them a new level of freedom.

Janis will guide you effortlessly through the exciting and creative “business birthing” process, saving you precious time, money, and struggle, and setting the foundation for success.

During this process we’ll identify exactly where your Passion, Expertise, and a Proven Need in the marketplace meet. That is your sweet spot. In just a few days you will define your unique selling proposition, identify your target market, develop your unique brand, map out your signature services, and outline the fastest path to laying the foundation for your business

Personal magic.

Janis can see the biggest possibilities for someone and help them not only create that dream but bust through the obstacles to getting there.

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Janis…showed me what’s possible…

“I was completely stuck before talking with Janis. I wasn’t sure whether to try for more clients, or move into a new niche and which niche that might be. She did what other coaches had been unable to do. She helped me to finally see what was in my way, showed me what was possible, and restored faith in a distant dream. I now have the clarity I truly needed. We discussed concrete action steps I can take to make this a reality. I am so grateful she told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear.

I’m excited again about what’s next for me and my business!”
JoAnna Stange


If you’re an Emerging business, you may be struggling to really get momentum. You’re just starting to get clients, but may not yet be creating a comfortable income. You may feel frustrated or overwhelmed at times trying to figure out what to do to get fast track your business when there are so many confusing and conflicting choices, or when what you’re doing isn’t working.

Your challenges

Your biggest challenges are likely getting more clients and cash flow NOW! You may be working long hours, selling time for an hourly rate or monthly fee, with no solid lead funnel. Your EFFORT is not equal to your RESULTS. Money may seem tight.

You realize there are skills you need to master in order to move forward, you’re just not sure where to get the help you need. People at this stage often don’t quite understand what they need to do to move forward, but you know you need to make your business scalable.

What you need now

In order to attract more ideal clients and more money and create an easy work flow that doesn’t suck away all your time you most likely need

  • To create a clear Revenue Strategy and System that can be sending qualified leads your way weekly
  • A Visibility Campaign that makes you more visible than your competition so you appear to be the go-to expert.
  • Messaging: Your messaging makes people stop and read what you have to say, or watch your videos. It’s a noisy world. Stand out!
  • Website: Your website is your storefront. A few tweaks can make it a lead magnet that compels people to take action, sign up for your mailing list and buy your products
  • An Automated Lead Generation System – A proven marketing system that works 24/7 to get you more qualified leads.
  • Specific marketing strategies that will increase the amount clients spend with you and that will keep them coming back
  • Mentoring  that will show you the shortcuts and give you the systems, strategies, templates, inside resources, guidance and accountability you need to skip the struggle and soar.
  • Invest only in marketing that gives you measurable results– that means hot leads and sales.

Get help now

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You’ll leave with a specific plan for moving your business to the next level.



If you’re an Expanding business, you’re already generating sales and serving clients, but may be facing challenges getting the team and systems in place to take you to the next income level and produce consistent income. You may be working too  many hours. You know you want and are capable of making that leap to becoming a booming company that creates real prosperity. You are ready for those breakthrough strategies that will propel you forward.

Your challenges

Your biggest challenges are likely having a consistent flow of quality clients, so you can get off the sales roller coaster.  You may feel overwhelmed with all there is to do. You may feel stymied trying to figure out how to expand your company and grow the team that will support that, how to get a bigger ROI on your marketing budget, or how to put the systems in place that will set you free.

You see your goal clearly but aren’t quite sure how to move to that next just-out-of-reach level. You may even worry that growth may not be possible without giving up more of your life. Your EFFORT is not equal to the RESULTS you should be getting.

You realize there are advanced strategies you need to put in place to dramatically increase the flow of reveneues into your business.

What you need now.

  • Automation: An automated TRAFFIC, LEADS and SALES generation process so you stop leaking money!
  • A thinking shift that allows you to get outside your comfort zone and get bigger results
  • A system that gets new clients, increases what they spend, and fosters repeat business
  • A well trained, can do team that frees your time and makes your business scalable- so growth is fun and not painful.
  • Back-end strategies increase how much and how often clients spend
  • Ways to end the time-for-dollars model (if that’s what you’re using)
  • Mentoring or coaching that will show you the shortcuts and give you the systems, strategies, templates, inside resources, guidance and accountability you need to skip the struggle and soar.



You’re already well established, have done great work, have a stead flow of clients and revenues but….you know your company is capable of so much more. You have a bigger dream and you need the infrastructure to scale your business without overwhelm.

Many times this requires working on:

  • Streamlining your offers and services to focus on the most successful and profitable
  • Putting automated systems in place that can generate leads, close sales, provide support and more
  • Putting the right team and training in place so that your business runs like clockwork.

Get help now

Let’s talk. You’ll leave with Specific Strategies that you can begin implementing right away that can 10X Your Results.

I now have an exciting new business model…. and a CLEAR plan for building a 6-figure business.

” As a top leader in a multinational company, I was laid off. In 2010 I launched my business. As a new entrepreneur I needed an expert guide. How to build a 6 –figure business? What market niche? How to stand out from a sea of coaches? How to leverage my experience? I started working with Janis.

The result? I now have an exciting new business model, a branded process and great new business name, a re-vamped website, a product funnel, the backend of my business that will make it run smoothly all set up, a great e-book to giveaway and build my subscriber list…..and a CLEAR plan for building a lucrative business.

Thank you Janis! What a difference a few short months can make! With this knowledge the sky’s the limit.”

Anastasia Montejano, Visionary Leadership Consultant


“In less time than I imagined, I was running a 6+ -Figure business!”

“It seems that often times I step away from our sessions and realize how right you are with your recommendations. You have been a big help to me, and I can honestly say I am proud of where I am today – and I couldn’t have done it without you. In less time than I imagined, I was running a 6+-figure business and that’s just the beginning!”

James Miller, Yoga Master and Founder of Adamantine Yoga


“Within one month of hiring Janis I had generated $6,000 in new income!”

“ I was struggling to make my dream of building a successful coaching business a reality. Janis has helped me put my ideas together to create a branded process as well as new products, a new website and a long term strategy. I’ve got a really solid plan and I am now confident that the next year will be better than I could have imagined. In fact within one month of hiring Janis, I had generated $6000 in new income.”

Cynthia Hatcher, Book Coach


I can’t imagine starting out without your guidance!

“Janis, you are a consummate professional and bring that to your coaching program. It’s loaded with value for the small business owner wherever he or she might be. I can’t imagine starting out without your guidance.

Please use me as a reference for anyone who might be on the fence. This is about taking a giant leap and soaring!”

Peggy Collins– Speaker, Author, The Working Gals Guru


In A Few Short Months, I Feel Completely In Control and Excited About My Business!

“Having built a successful online business once before, I thought doing it again would be a snap. But before I knew it, I felt as though I was simply spinning my wheels! I created a lot of great content, but had a difficult time getting a product line in place that lead people from one step to the next and I was making little to no progress financially.

Once I started working with Janis, it became clear that I needed a more solid foundation in place to build on (I was essentially putting the cart before the horse). Now, with help from Janis and all of her resources and support, I not only have a solid foundation, a cleaner and more organized website, but I also have a product and profit plan in place that makes sense and is easy to implement. Not to mention, I now have a complete understanding of how and where the money will come in. In a few short months, I feel completely in control and excited about my business!”

Deidre Hughey


“My book sales have increased 50%!

Dianne Gregg