Small Business Coaching

Small Business Coaching

Transform Your Entrepreneurial Passion into Profits and Prosperity

You’ve invested your time, talent, energy, money and passion into your business. If you know it’s time to stop struggling and you’re ready for direct access to the PROVEN Strategies, Systems and Marketing Mastery that will TRANSFORM YOUR BUSINESS so you can really soar, then keep reading.

First let’s determine where you are now.

Level ONE

If you’re a Level ONE business, you’re really passionate about turning your ideas, knowledge skills and talent into a great income, but you’re struggling to really get momentum. You’re making sales, but may not yet be supporting your lifestyle with your income. You may feel frustrated or overwhelmed at times trying to figure out on your own what you can change to really get to the next level.

Your challenges

Your biggest challenges are likely getting more clients and cash flow NOW! You may be working long hours, selling time for an hourly rate or monthly fee. Your EFFORT is not equal to your RESULTS. Money may seem tight.

You realize there are skills you need to master in order to move forward, you’re just not sure where to get the help you need. People at this stage often don’t even understand what they need to learn and master, but you know you have a learning curve ahead of you.

What you need now.

In order to attract more ideal clients and more money and create an easy work flow that doesn’t suck away all your time you most likely need–

  • To get clear about your Profit niche–that sweet spot where there are lots of eager clients who need and are willing to pay for your service
  • A signature system or Personal Profit Process ™ that makes you stand out above your competition and shine rather than blend in. You want to be known as an expert at something that people are clamoring to find
  • A website that is truly an attraction-to-action tool. It compels people to take action, sign up for your mailing list and buy your products
  • A proven marketing system that you can easily implement step-by-step and that will pull the right people into your sphere of influence and make getting clients easy
  • Specific marketing strategies that will increase the amount clients spend with you and that will keep them coming back
  • Resources– so you can automate and outsource to save time and money and get the stuff that’s not even worth your hourly rate off your plate, and at an affordable rate
  • Mentoring or coaching that will show you the shortcuts and give you the systems, strategies, templates, inside resources, guidance and accountability you need to skip the struggle and soar.

Here’s what can help you right now

Create a Client Windfall Quick Start Guide – downloadable and FREE!

Knowledge to Income Workshop – Dramatically increase your income by discovering my super fast, creative system for Packaging and Marketing your knowledge and expertise. This is the way to escape the time-for-dollars trap and gain more lifestyle freedom–while serving more clients than ever!

Speaking to Sales Workshop – Want to learn 7 ways to get clients fast? Learn my entire system– 7 ways to use speaking to generate a flood of willing new clients. Templates, systems, checklists, complete training and open coaching calls. Master everything from small, local presentations to tele-classes to larger events, and how to turn these opportunities into thousands in sales.

Webinar Sales Success Secrets Workshop – next to live events or in person meetings, webinars are the best way to close sales. Any service based business can increase sales using webinars as long as you know what works. In this workshop you’ll be able to follow my Webinar Creation Formula to generate maximum sales. You’ll also learn step-by-step, how to market your webinar, get people to register and show up, and how to get even more sales from your follow up. Hundreds of students have gone through this workshop and are benefitting from the power of webinars.

Level TWO

If you’re a Level TWO business, you’re already succeeding at generating consistent sales and some profit, but may be struggling to get to the next income level. You are also probably working way too many hours. You’re making enough of an income to live and pay your expenses, but you know you want and are capable of making that leap to becoming a booming company with a very comfortable personal income. You are ready for those breakthrough strategies that will propel you forward.

Your challenges

Your biggest challenges are likely having a steady flow of high paying clients rather than a feast or famine situation. You may be still be selling time for an hourly rate or monthly fee and your prices may be too low. You may feel overwhelmed with all there is to do. You may feel stymied trying to figure out how to expand your visibility, how to get a big ROI on your marketing budget, or how to put the systems in place that will set you free.

You see your goal clearly but aren’t quite sure how to move to that next just-out-of-reach level. You may even worry that growth may not be possible without giving up more of your life. Your EFFORT is not equal to the RESULTS you should be getting.

You realize there are advanced strategies you need to master in order to dramatically increase the flow of clients into your business.

What you need now.

  • An automated TRAFFIC, LEADS and SALES generation process so you stop leaking money!
  • A thinking shift that allows you to charge what you worth and get it and to feel confident about doubling or tripling your income
  • A process that will help you easily sell premium programs. products and services
  • A passive and recurring income system
  • Automated and outsourcing solutions that will cut your work time dramatically and allow your business to be scalable- so growth is fun and not painful.
  • Advanced joint venture strategies to go from single sales to a virtual sales force
  • Back-end strategies increase how much and how often clients spend
  • Ways to increase personal productivity without working more hours
  • Ways to end the time-for-dollars model
  • Mentoring or coaching that will show you the shortcuts and give you the systems, strategies, templates, inside resources, guidance and accountability you need to skip the struggle and soar.
  • Get help right now

    Complete the online Business Growth Readiness Assessment, then schedule a call to understand what the results reveal and what you need to do to move forward

    “We went from $0 to almost $20,000 a month in five months!”

    Chef Todd Mohr,www.WebCookingClasses.com

    “Janis’ coaching expertise has been of invaluable help to me.”

    My business has a new name, new brochure and business cards, a new website and a whole new look about it that would not have been possible without Janis. My new, more professional look is bringing new clients and giving me a new credibility in my field and I have every confidence these will only increase in the future. Janis’ many contacts, connections and resources enabled me to put together the new package for much less than I ever expected. Her infinite knowledge in so many areas continually amazes me. No matter in which area I needed answers, she was able to help. Her enthusiasm and encouragement kept me going when I became discouraged.
    I can’t thank Janis enough for all her help and expertise. The fact that she is an incredibly nice person to work with only enhanced the experience. I recommend Janis all the time to anyone who needs a business coach.”

    Lesley Gray, President

    Another Daughter