Our team

Our team


Janis Pettit, Founder and Chief Results Officer

People often ask me how I ended up helping hundreds of small and solo service based business owners build more profitable businesses. Well I guess it was an organic process, and in my genes.

I opened my first business in New York City. It was a corporate training business offering communications skills and public speaking training to mid and upper level executives. I was on my way to becoming a serial entrepreneur, and although I came from a family of entrepreneurs, I was somewhat clueless about building a business.

I learned by struggle, trial and error and by following the advice of people who were more successful.

My second business was a 3-Star New York Times rated restaurant. Now succeeding in the restaurant business is tough and it is not for the weak-hearted! We built that business to a healthy seven- figures a year. In fact, after being written up in The Business Journal for my creative marketing approach, a other restaurants began to ask for my help.

I had learned something important– I was passionate about being my own boss and creating my best life.

My third business was a small publishing and direct mail business that I purchased after we had relocated to North Carolina. I wasn’t really passionate about it, but it had potential so I franchised it and sold the whole thing. I learned a big lesson- stick to what you’re passionate about, or your business just becomes another J-O-B!

Finally in 2002 I founded Small Business, Big Results. I saw so many small and solo businesses struggling because they needed help getting leads and clients. I was also passionate about helping them avoid the learn-as-you-go struggle I’d been through.

My mission ever since has been to help fellow small business owners achieve their dream of creating a great income and the lifestyle they want.

Here’s the Official Stuff in case you’re interested

Janis received her Master of Arts degree from Hunter College in New York City. In Westchester, New York she was named one of “50 Women of Achievement Under 50” by the Business Journal, and was featured in the same publication for her creative small business marketing strategies. During this time she also hosted her own business cable talk show where she regularly interviewed prestigious members of the New York business and arts community.

She has been mentioned in the New York Times and is the author of numerous nationally and internationally published articles on small business growth, online and offline marketing, and is a contributor to the Amazon best selling book, Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas into Income. She has made numerous TV and public speaking appearances, and has appeared as a guest on many Internet radio shows.

Janis currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina. She has one beautiful grown daughter who is also destined to be an entrepreneur. She loves traveling to Italy to visit friends and family. Her secret is that she is an accomplished classical singer who sang professionally for a number of years and she still is involved in singing and dance.

Dennis Champion, Video Marketing and Optimization Expert

Dennis hails from Whitley Bay in the UK. He spent many years as one of the top financial advisors in Northern England and was a founding partner of the J. Rothschild Partnership so is highly experienced in the areas of financial planning and insurance. He has traveled the world and been a representative on many UK Trade missions to the Far East.

After retiring from his career as a financial adviser, he became fascinated with photography and online video and has become one of the top Video Optimization experts in the UK. He’s a wizard at getting businesses to the top of the search engine rankings in record time with video, putting their business in the spotlight and sending traffic to their websites.

Dennis works with our clients to get them to the top of the search engines, using his video skills to dominate YouTube, the second biggest search engine in the world, and creates massive brand awareness and expert status for clients through video syndication, distributing each client video to over 20 social media sites.

Dennis is the father of two sons and has three lovely grandchildren. Dennis’s secret is that he is an accomplished salsa dancer and is even known as “The Godfather of Salsa”.

Luanna Rodham, Marketing Virtual Assistant and Social Media Expert

Luanna has been a marketing virtual assistant since 2003 and she has been on our team since 2008. She excels at keeping up with the rapid changes in social media and online marketing so she can have an impact on her client’s businesses. She is also highly skilled at email marketing , affiliate marketing, Infusionsoft and customer service.

She’s a mother of three with a background in education and graduated from college with a BS degree in Special Education and privileged to work as a resource teacher in a middle school for five years in Knoxville, TN.

Her gift is helping clients look at their marketing goals and break them down into an action plan, then implement that plan to increase traffic, sales and influence.

Luanna has a great relationship with all of our clients and is front and center when they need help. She is also our social media optimization expert.

She is the mother of three beautiful children to whom she is totally devoted.

Rakhi Arora, Marketing Technology Specialist

Rakhi is an outsourced marketing specialist who believes in helping small business owners succeed online and eventually increase their profits by providing them with backend virtual assistance with services that include traffic generation, website design and maintenance, marketing automation, and most outsourced marketing tasks.

“With a degree of Computer Engineer, I started my career with HCL Limited in 2009 which added new passion to my life. I always wanted to help business owners with the tech side of their businesses so they could be free to serve clients. Helping people all over the world has given me immense pleasure.

I’m happiest when I can provide my clients with backend solutions to problems and then do it for them. In 2011 I began work as a Project Manager in an outsourced marketing company. It helped me learn a lot about different, cutting edge strategies, tools, and technology solutions. After 4 years of experience I decided to start my own service and here I am!”

Rakhi’s secret is that she is a freedom junkie! She loves dancing, adventure, hanging out with loved ones and respects honesty. She is married to Kunal and they have a beautiful little daughter, Saira.

Rakhi and her team manage the technical side of all our client projects.


Sheena White, Facebook Advertising Expert

Sheena White is a Facebook ads expert and copywriter who helps busy entrepreneurs and small businesses across industries to maximize on the power of social media to generate new leads and sales. She is a regular contributor for Business.com as well as a Digital Marketer-Certified Customer Acquisition Specialist and Social Media Manager.

Sheena’s secret is that she’s head over heels for her new baby boy.