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People often ask me how I ended up helping hundreds of small and solo service based business owners create high income lifestyle businesses. Well I guess it was an organic process.

I opened my first business in New York City in 1988, after having spent years as an actor and singer doing musicals, soap operas, plays and commercials. It was quite a fluke how that business came about. An attorney friend asked me to coach him on performing skills so he could become more persuasive in the courtroom. Odd how opportunities appear out of nowhere. That opportunity turned into a corporate training business where my partner and I offered communications skills and public speaking training to mid and upper level executives. I was on my way to becoming a serial entrepreneur, and although I came from a family of entrepreneurs, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

I learned by trial and error and by following the advice of people who were more successful.

After selling that business and moving to the suburbs with my family, my second business was a 3-Star New York Times rated restaurant. Now succeeding in the restaurant business is tough and it is not for the weak-hearted! But again I learned from others who were more successful and we eventually were generating 7 figures a year in sales. In fact, after being written up in The Business Journal for my creative marketing approach, a few other restaurants began to ask for my help.

I had learned something important– I was passionate about being my own boss and creating my best life.

I purchased my third business after we had relocated to North Carolina. It was a small publishing and direct mail business. I never enjoyed this business and longed to return to coaching, training and consulting, but it had potential so I franchised it and sold the whole thing. I learned a big lesson- stick to what you’re passionate about, or your business just becomes another J-O-B!

Finally in 2001 I started my coaching business. You see, I saw so many small and solo businesses struggling because they hadn’t learned how to market and promote themselves and how to run a business. Sure they were amazing at what they did, but they were often perplexed at how to turn it into a significant income. I was also passionate about helping them avoid the learn-as-you-go struggle I’d been through.

So I committed then and there to set off on a mission to help as many people as possible achieve their dream of expressing their true selves through their own business, creating a great income and wrapping their business around the life they wanted to live. Since then I’ve worked with thousands of small and solo professionals just like you, through private coaching, home study programs, tele-classes and webinars, group coaching programs, and through many live workshops and speaking engagements.

My clear, step-by-step proven 6-Figure Business Design System® and Client Windfall System® have helped my clients achieve bigger results than they thought possible, and has meant more and better clients, more income and a better life.

Here’s the Official Stuff in case you’re interested

Janis received her Master of Arts degree from City University of New York in New York City. She has been a successful entrepreneur for the last 22 years. In Westchester, New York where she was named one of “50 Women of Achievement Under 50” by the Business Journal, and was featured in the same publication for her creative small business marketing strategies. During this time she also hosted her own business cable talk show where she regularly interviewed well known members of the New York business and arts community and worked as a consultant with other restaurant owners to develop successful marketing programs.

She has been mentioned in the New York Times and is the author of numerous nationally and internationally published articles on small business growth, online and offline marketing, and is a contributor to the Amazon best selling book, Trust Your Heart: Transform Your Ideas into Income. She has made numerous TV and public speaking appearances, and has appeared as a guest on many Internet radio shows.

Having served on the Board of the Westchester NY Association of Women Business Owners, she is currently a proud member of the invitation-only Business Leaders Club and recently served on the Founding Board of Chix in Business. Janis was honored to chair charity events in New York for “Share Our Strength“, raising over $30,000 for hunger relief.

Janis currently lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her adored teenage daughter Julia, who makes sure she doesn’t become hopelessly “un-cool”. She speaks Italian fluently and loves traveling to Italy to visit friends and family. Her well kept secret is that she is an accomplished classical singer who sang professionally for a number of years and she continues to sing for pleasure.

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"Our profits have increased by 30%!"

Working with Janis Pettit substantially improved our business by organizing our goals and assisting Hands On Health in maintaining the momentum to follow through. As a result, our profits have increased by 30%."

ELIZABETH LAURINO Owner, Hands on Health

"I can't imagine starting out without your guidance!"  

Janis, you are a consummate professional and bring that to your Coaching Programs which are loaded with value for the small business owner wherever he or she might be. Please utilize me as a reference for anyone who might be on the fence. This is about taking a giant leap and soaring!"

PEGGY COLLINS,  Speaker, Author, Coach "The Working Gal's Guru" Help is Not a Four Letter Word