Increase Sales

Increase Sales

You’re busy running your business and delivering services. Where do you find the time to figure out what type of marketing is the best investment?

You probably don’t have the time. So you may pay for marketing that gets mediocre results and wish you had a better solution that really worked.

How would you like to implement a system that results in

  1. More Online Visibility
  2. More Traffic
  3. More Qualified Leads
  4. More Customers, Clients or Patients


And what would be like if it was operating on autopilot?

For over 14 years we’ve been partnering with clients to offer comprehensive, customized business solutions, not just tactics (like SEO or advertising).

In fact we saw a real lack of companies that took a comprehensive and strategic look to identify and solve your current marketing challenges and get you accelerated results that increase cash flow .

If your marketing doesn’t result in more measurable leads and sales, it’s a waste of your time and money.

So our approach is to not just increase your online visibility and website Traffic, but to convert that traffic into Warm Leads.


Get More Traffic 

We start every relationship with a private Marketing Strategy Session where your specific situation and goals determine the growth plan we put in place for getting you more traffic, visibility and leads as quickly and consistently as possible.

Your website is your storefront. Without traffic to your website your business can stagnate. Most people search online first before ever visiting or calling a business. The traditional way to get traffic has been text Search Engine Optimization.

We’ve found a way to turbo-charge your traffic with a combination of cutting edge methods that we customize based on your specific situation.




Get More Leads

So… you’re siphoning a ton of traffic off of the search engines and social media. Now how do you turn them into viable leads?

Misconception: More traffic automatically means more leads.

Did you know that 90% of the traffic that lands on the typical small business site bounces off in under 30 seconds? Ouch!

Its critical for you to have an enticing hook—a Lead Capture—that compels a percentage of those visitors to willingly give you their email address so you can continue to communicate, build trust and convert them into buyers. Just saying “sign up for my newsletter” will get you nowhere.


  • Automated Lead Generation – we can create and implement an online lead funnel using paid ads, lead capture and email marketing that will work for you 24/7
  • Email Funnels – All those new leads that are now captured on your email list, allow you the chance to communicate and build a relationship with them so they easily say “YES!” It’s also the best way to increase repeat business.



Get More Clients

Once someone is on your email list its time to do what most small businesses fail to do that has them leaking money…..

……Fix Your Follow-Up Communication

Crafting a high impact, interesting email  or  text campaign designed to turn more cold traffic into buyers. Without it you are leaking money!

Done for You Email Funnels

We will work together with our cracker jack copywriter to craft a high response, trust building follow up email sequence linked to engaging interactive marketing content that leads prospective clients to a Call to Action.

In most cases this will significantly increase the number of people that set up a phone appointment to speak to you. We’ll help you determine what will work best for your business.


Webinars are one of the best way to convert traffic into leads and leads into sales. They offer you a chance to build curiosity and desire for your product or service while offering some educational content that addresses their problem and establishes your expertise.

They have the full on impact of video- which as we’ve mentioned is hot, hot, hot.

Webinars convert if they’re crafted using a proven formula. Done right, 5% to 10% of those who view your pre-recorded webinar will become a client or patient. And the rest of those who registered are now on your mailing list and being fed your follow up sequence. More will buy in the future.

And the best part? Its all on autopilot and working for you 24/7.

Done for You

We will work with you to brainstorm and then create your webinar. We’ll create the script and slides for you. And we’ll put it in an automated webinar delivery system for you.


Our Winning Record

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners add hundreds of thousands in new revenue over the last 12 years. We do that by working closely with clients to craft a customized roadmap that gets big results.

We specialize in working with

  • Real Estate Agents
  • Restaurants
  • Health Professionals , Dentists and Chiropractors
  • Cosmetic Surgeons and Medi-Spas
  • Attorneys
  • Local Service-Based Businesses- if you offer a service we can help
  • Fitness Centers
  • Software Companies
  • Consulting Businesses


and you’ll walk away with some pretty cool “get started” ideas

“I’m making 40% more since I hired Janis’s team!”


John Benincasa, CEO

JHB Telecommunications

“Janis Pettit is one of the sharpest, most insightful business people I know”

“ I highly recommend her.”

Frank Williams, President

Founder of Pioneer Strategies Public Relations

“Last year I surpassed my sales goals by 80%!”


Tracy Adams, CEO

Adams & Events