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The Entrepreneurial Mind Set


Copyright 2009 by Janis Pettit

Most small business owners I know are like me. They love what they do. I bet you do too. That’s one of the main reasons many of us chose to go out on our own. We also like the flexibility, the opportunity to be creative, and the possibility of shaping our own future.

Business owners fall into two categories—self-employed and entrepreneur.

The self employed are those who have a talent or skill and they know there are people willing to pay them for their time, product or service. So they employ themselves rather than work for someone else. They get business cards, stationary, possibly an office. They begin marketing their services and after a while they have some customers. After a while, they find themselves working too many hours, constantly trying to fill the pipeline with new prospects, and sometimes wondering if they’ve bought themselves a glorified j-o-b. They can’t take too much time off because without them there is no business or income. Even franchisees, who have the support of a proven system, can find themselves in this category. Certainly many home based businesses, consultants, coaches, infopreneurs and service professionals end up on this treadmill. We’re talking about talented professionals—people who, like you, work hard and deserve success! Unfortunately, a majority of business owners fall into this category.

The entrepreneurs, on the other hand, are the business owners who seem to grow their businesses effortlessly, and maintain steady growth. You talk to them and although they work hard, they’re off for a three day weekend at the beach or a European vacation. They do charity work and participate in activities with their kids. What do they know that the self employed do not?

They have gained the Entrepreneurial Mind Set. An entrepreneur is a great strategist and a master at getting others excited about helping them grow their business. They know they need to develop multiple profit centers in their business, not just one or two, so they’re constantly looking for creative opportunities to do so. And some of those profit centers need to be passive income that is not dependent on their time. In other words they’re not always selling time for money. In addition, the entrepreneur knows how to make the most of ever opportunity to bring in new prospects, convert them to paying clients, and get them to buy repeatedly. That means carefully planning, strategizing, measuring results against expectations and re-adjusting. It means taking calculated risks and learning from the ideas that fail—and there are always ideas that fail.

Developing the Entrepreneurial mindset is one of the best self growth programs in the world. Who you are, what you think, your personal habits and beliefs absolutely determine the results you get and challenging yourself to overcome and change what's not working is CRUCIAL.

Some of the attitudes, habits and beliefs I often see that sabotage amazing people from reaching their potential are:

  • Money fears that prevent you from investing in your business, that hold you back from charging what you're worth because you're afraid people won't pay it, among others

  • Procrastination and lack of focus - this can cause you to work hard but produce poor results

  • No planning -- this random approach will have you shooting darts at a dartboard blindfolded and hoping to hit the target

  • Low self confidence- this will affect everything you do in your business and how others perceive you. It will also make it difficult for you to ask for the sale

  • Bright shiny object syndrome- going after what seems like the newest, hottest idea or strategy but never sticking with one and following it through to the end

  • Lack of action -- being a perfectionist, or someone who fears what people think can prevent you from taking regular, fast action in your business, which is the ONLY way to succeed.

Begin to seriously address these issues with the help of a coach or mentor and it's like breaking through a wall and seeing the light on the other side.  Small business growth usually explodes. People who are willing to get outside their comfort zone and stand in their own truth to work on these issues (and everyone needs to do this) are the ones who achieve a Big Vision for their business and life.

If you find yourself thinking you don’t have the time to work on your mindset and to get rid of the habits and beliefs that aren't working, try thinking about where you’ll be a year or two from now if you don’t. I can tell you where you’ll be—self-employed.

Become obsessed with the potential of your business. Become totally excited about being a leader. Become determined to think like an entrepreneur.

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