How to Create an In-Demand Information Product in 30 Days

It doesn’t matter what kind of small business you have, you can create a downloadable information product in 30 days or less. Information products are in demand, and you can use them in multiple ways. Here are just a few:

  • as a giveaway for people who opt-in to your e-mail or newsletter list
  • as a lead-in product to a sale – you giveaway the product or sell it at a low price then up-sell people on a more expensive product

How to Easily Write an E-book and Start Generating Sales

Did you ever realize how much knowledge is in your head that other people need, want and are willing to pay you for?What most business owners don’t understand is that in less than a week you can author an e-book without difficulty. It doesn’t matter if your expertise is accounting, yoga, jewelry making or real estate. There are thousands of people who want to learn what you know and are willing to pay for tha…