8 Steps to Creating and Marketing a Home Study or Membership Program

You don’t need to be stuck year after year selling time for dollars, working ridiculous hours, or struggling to get a handful of clients. That doesn’t have to be your fate because there’s another way. If you have knowledge or expertise in any area, whether it’s business, the arts or a hobby, most likely there are people who want to learn it. And they may not want to have to show up at a class or conference to learn.


7 Powerful Free Business Marketing Ideas

stock investmentWhen I look at all the free marketing opportunities available to small or solo businesses today I’m thrilled, when I opened my first business 21 years ago, none of them existed. Marketing was much more difficult and costly. Instead, now by simply working consistently and daily on the marketing ideas below you can create a steady flow of leads and clients.

  1. Social Networking: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

    Everyone i

Social Networking Tips and Time Savers

When I tell other business owners and clients how active I am in social networking and what a valuable marketing tool it is, they ask me how I find the time? If you’ve dabbled a bit with Facebook and Twitter it can seem like a lot of work to keep up with everyone. For a busy business owner it seems impossible to find the time. 

The truth is that I spend no more than 20 minutes a day on social network marketing—sometimes les…