8 Steps to Creating and Marketing a Home Study or Membership Program

You don’t need to be stuck year after year selling time for dollars, working ridiculous hours, or struggling to get a handful of clients. That doesn’t have to be your fate because there’s another way. If you have knowledge or expertise in any area, whether it’s business, the arts or a hobby, most likely there are people who want to learn it. And they may not want to have to show up at a class or conference to learn.


Courage to Climb the Learning Curve

I know many of you struggle with the learning curve necessary to use technology to your advantage. I always tell you to get outside your comfort zone, because your business depends on it.

Well this week that’s what I had to do. I had a tough week with multiple technical problems getting our new membership site software  working properly for my new Coaching Club.

With a team of 4 other people we spent hours  uncov…

Lots of Small Business Opportunity Right Now

I want to challenge you.  Even though the economy seems shaky, now is not the time to give into fear, to retreat and give up.

In the last week I’ve talked to business owners who were scared and as a result were making detrimental, even disastrous business decisions. You have a choice right now if you want to keep your business profitable.

Option #1: You can retreat by cutting expenses, reducing marketing and cons…

To Small Business Owners: Crisis or Rare Opportunity?

This isn’t the kind of soul baring post I usually write, but I wanted to share these thoughts with you.

I heard a mesmerizing speaker a few days ago, Andrew Harvey. He is a Brit, an acclaimed author and a passionate “sacred activist”. To put it mildly his message was a highly charged and resounding wake up call.

He mentioned a recent meeting with the Dalai Lama whose words are carefully chosen and carr…