A Recipe for Marketing Success: The Secret “Ingredient”

IngredientsDid you ever try to re-create the recipe for a great dish you ate in a restaurant, or you saw somewhere and it just didn’t taste the same?

Facebook Can Be a Cash Cow for Businesses That Hate Marketing

cash cowIf you’re like many small business owners you may wonder what the secret is to getting lots of targeted website traffic. You may be paying for search engine optimization which can certainly help. But the problem is that it’s slow, you are not guaranteed results, and Google can change the rules at any time, catapulting your website way down in the search results.

But there is a much faster way to get targeted traffic …

What You Need to Do Now so Your Website Traffic Doesn’t Disappear

mobile websiteOn April 21st of this year, Google made a significant change. They stated that moving forward they will boost the rankings of mobile-friendly webpages — pages that are legible and usable on mobile devices — in mobile search results worldwide.

Since more people do online searches using mobile devices than any other type, this could have a serious effect on the traffic and leads your business gets online…