What Is the Key Difference Between An Agent Making 2K A Month And One Making 20K and More A Month In Commissions?


Why do some agents seem to soar while others struggle or stagnate? There are several key reasons but they are almost all due to problems with lead generation and sales. Once you solve the lead generation problem, closing sales is often the easier part.

Most agents rely on traditional tried and true lead generation methods like networking or cold calling purchased leads. Or they rely on referrals. While these methods …

How to Get 100+ 4 and 5 Star Reviews or Testimonials

5starreviews-1As the owner or manager of a restaurant or catering business, or any local business, you know that today people shop based on reviews. In fact, 61% of online shoppers say they make purchasing decisions based on reviews.

Yet many restaurants have few online reviews and worse yet, some have prominently seen bad reviews. One highly visible bad review can hurt your business by 20%. It’s crucial that you literally flood …

A Recipe for Marketing Success: The Secret “Ingredient”

IngredientsDid you ever try to re-create the recipe for a great dish you ate in a restaurant, or you saw somewhere and it just didn’t taste the same?

Facebook Can Be a Cash Cow for Businesses That Hate Marketing

cash cowIf you’re like many small business owners you may wonder what the secret is to getting lots of targeted website traffic. You may be paying for search engine optimization which can certainly help. But the problem is that it’s slow, you are not guaranteed results, and Google can change the rules at any time, catapulting your website way down in the search results.

But there is a much faster way to get targeted traffic …

6 Tips to Becoming a Money Attractor

Success concept.Do you ever worry that you will never create real success in the business you love? If you’ve ever felt this, please take 3 minutes and read this article.

Is Lack of Promotion Blocking Your Success?

woman marketingOne thing you may not have realized when you started a business is that you are not just in the business of whatever it is you do. Nope. That is only one part of running a money generating business. You are also in the business of marketing and sales. In fact for most successful small business owners, this is what they spend at least 50% of their time planning and implementing.

I regularly see smart women with a high level of e…

6 Simple Steps to Becoming a Successful, In-Demand Expert Entrepreneur

Business WomanPeople often ask me about my journey to becoming a successful coach and entrepreneur generating a generous six figures per year. Did I just instinctively know what to do? Did I make the same mistakes they’ve made?

The answers are that sometimes I knew what to do either from experience or from listening to my inner voice or intuition, and yet, I still made so many mistakes I’ve lost count. But I learned from them and us…

How to Get Companies to Sponsor Your Marketing!

by Shannon Cherry

Most people think that corporate sponsorships are only for nonprofits, associations and little leagues. But here’s the thing: if you do any kind of promotions, you can be sponsored. And you’re leaving money on the table if you aren’t benefiting from sponsorships.

Even big name celebrities have sponsors. People including Madonna, Kobe Bryant, and Justin Timberlake… …

Get a Measurable Return for Your Time, Money and Energy

growing moneyHow would you feel if you walked away from thousands of dollars in income simply because you failed to see the potential in an amazing opportunity?

Or what if there was hidden opportunity that you completely missed or overlooked? This happens to everyone at some point, but once you begin to look for the ROI (Return on Investment) you get for every investment of time, money and energy you make you’ll start to discover w…

5 Secrets to Getting and Keeping All the Clients You Need

Find New Clients Words Calendar Prospect Selling SalesGetting and keeping all the clients you need. Does this sound impossible, unattainable, or like some secret code you can’t crack? If it does, you’re not alone. The majority of small business owners list getting enough clients as their #1 challenge.

The reason is simple. When you start a business you know you’re skilled and passionate about what you do. You know you can help people in a big way and you have an excit…