7 Step Formula for Using Free Webinars Generate 4 to 5 Figures in Monthly Sales

For some years I offered regular free tele-classes to my online community and subscribers. Each was a complete topic-focused training for small and solo business owners, and at the end I showed attendees how they could master the topic by registering for an in depth coaching program or workshop. People loved the tele-classes and I was also able to fill my programs.

But about a year ago tele-classes lost their appeal a…

Come hang out with me and meet other top online entrepreneurs at NAMS

There is only one live event I know about where you can learn everything you need to know to explode your online business all in one place. You can personally meet and learn from 25 super successful online Entrepreneurs whose names you know. You can network and walk away with amazing joint venture opportunities.

The event is  NAMS and it takes place February 8th, 9th and 10th in Atlanta. I’ll be one of 25 instruct…

Should You Invest in Attending a Live Event? This Will Help You Decide.

About 5 years ago I decided that it was time for me to invest in attending some live events where I could learn from and network with people who were highly successful online Entrepreneurs. I noticed that many of my more successful colleagues did this on a regular basis but I was a bit scared about making the investment.

After all, I had to take into consideration the cost of the ticket, airfare, hotel, meals and time away f…

Use Joint Ventures to Expand the Power and Scope of Your Small Business Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

You’re sitting there in your home or small business office and wondering– how do you compete with the big guys? You know—the ones that are your most successful competitors. How do you dramatically increase your sales when it’s just little old you? Technology helps the small business owner play bigger. But if you want to play really big without hiring a salaried sales team, then your secret weapon is join…

Joint Ventures—How to Borrow from the “Client Bank”

They say credit is tight.

But what if there were a “client bank”where you could take out a loan. You could borrow lots of clients all at once.
You would pay interest on the loan, but once it was paid off you would keep the clients, just like you would a mortgaged house.

Seem crazy? Well something like that exists and it’s the way savvy business owners are reaping in cash even though the economy is shaky.