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Coaching Income Secrets

Did you know that most coaches, consultants and experts never pass the $50,000 income level? Something is wrong with that picture! Over the past 12 years I’ve coached and mentored thousands of women entrepreneurs through a variety of programs and one thing has become clear.

Women coaches are being called to accelerate transformation in many areas. And we’ve not even begun to tap the surface. There are 2 main reasons many coaches struggle to turn that internal fire into outward success.

1) Break through your Inner Success Barriers

You can know all the hot marketing strategies and have amazing programs, but if your core beliefs are in opposition to your goals, you’re stuck. What you believe about yourself, how big you can achieve and about your ability to do so will determine your success. So if you have an inner voice that believes in struggle or scarcity; if you have negative money stories; if you believe you are an island and need to do it all alone, then guess what you’ll get?  Struggle, scarcity and isolation. The Universe will create exactly what you believe.

Breaking through these inner barriers will give you a level of freedom and success beyond what you even imagine.

2) Build a Solid Outer Structure

As women we can have a business that honors and expresses our most beautiful feminine qualities, like nurturing, relationship building, intuition and authenticity.  But we need to use some of the more masculine attributes such as strategic planning, goal setting, technology, sales and marketing mastery and money mapping in order to achieve greatness in our businesses. It’s a matter of balance. If you are not building the outer structure necessary you won’t be able to get to the next level.

Unfortunately many coaches feel lost as to why all their hard work isn’t paying off.  These simple two steps can completely and permanently rock your world and change the trajectory of your business!

Here is a client success story I used in a recent video. My client, Jane, was a corporate trainer before she lost her job and decided to start her own business.

Here was her business looked like after her first year. Not bad, but even though it was far more than most coaches make in their first year, it was way less than she had earned in her corporate job and she dreamed of so much more. That’s when she contacted me for help. She was undercharging her private client, delivering someone else’s corporate training program for half the daily fee, and had no premium coaching program.



We identified some inner core beliefs that were holding her back and worked on a huge shift. Her confidence and vision soared as a result.



After creating a real structure, business design and money map Jane’s business looked like this one year later.

janesmoneymap (1)


You can see all the details in this video. (Register and then view Video 2)

As you can see her sales increased by over $100,000. She worked hard, but her level of enthusiasm went through the roof. And most importantly she is helping so many more people and has a structure to keep doing so year after year.

This is the key to doubling or tripling your coaching income. The more money you make, the more people you’re helping. They in turn can help others. I call this the Oprah effect.  And in doing this work we are literally changing the world. Does that sound like a big challenge? Yes it is, and we’re being called to get the ball rolling.

If you are ready to break through the inner barriers that are preventing you from standing fully in your feminine power and potential, and you want to put a powerful outer structure in place, you might want to take my Prosperity Breakthrough assessment to see where you may need to shift to create the success you yearn for. Then you can set up a time to speak with me to uncover what your answers reveal.

Top 10 Ways to Eliminate Low Income Syndrome

A few weeks ago I did a survey to find out where you were in your business and how I could best serve you.

Thanks to all of you that completed the survey. I must say I was surprised by some of the results. So I created a short video to share them with you, PLUS I’ll share….

The Top 10 Ways to Eliminate Low Income Syndrome

and I’ll let you know what we have coming up that has been designed to give you the help you asked for.

I hope you’ll leave your comments below. I love hearing from you!

6 Tips for Getting More Sales

tipIn all of my years of doing the work helping experts create lucrative lifestyle businesses, I’ve learned that nothing sends someone spiraling into destructive false or negative patterns like repeated frustration getting clients and closing sales.

You connect with an ideal prospect, and it seems as though you have a perfect connection. You’re convinced that this person is going to say YES.

But then you’re disappointed and confused when he (or she) doesn’t buy or enroll in your program. Suddenly, all of your insecurities come flooding in . . . feelings of discouragement, frustration, and self-doubt.

You’re tempted to sink into a spiral of negative self-talk making it all mean that you’ll never be successful or make enough money doing what you love. Maybe you decide that nothing works, or your products aren’t good enough, or nothing sells, or….on and on.

But in that moment—the moment your fears and self-doubt are triggered—rather than react to the automatic meaning you are making, and acting based on those feelings . . . you need to instead breathe deeply and refuse to make any decisions until you’ve moved away from the gravitational pull of these disempowering beliefs.

Challenge these false beliefs and find your “power center.”

Then you can act on these tips:

Tip #1 – Start to see sales not as some necessary evil but as the doorway to helping people who need you to get past their fear (which you’ve experienced too) and make a buying decision that will benefit them greatly.

Tip #2 – Hiding your brilliance under a blanket of humility and shyness will keep your message hidden. You must be visible and confident to get noticed and to get a “yes”.

Tip #3 – If you are not speaking to prospects about the BOTTOM LINE results they will get from you and exactly how it will impact their DAILY life well into the future they will not understand why they should pay you.

Tip #4 – Offer prospects a reason to buy now, and offer them a way to remove the risk from buying.

Tip #5 – Anticipate any buying concerns they may have and address those concerns before they bring them up.

Tip #6 – Ask for a yes. Don’t lead up to it and then hope your prospect will say “let’s get started”. Ask clearly and then wait for the answer.

People need your help and expertise, but building a business means mastering the sales process and feeling comfortable charging and getting what you’re worth. Make this a priority and you’ll see massive improvement in the results you’re getting.

Selling is about showing someone how your solution can solve their problem. You are doing your followers a disservice if you shy away from helping them.

6 Tips to Becoming a Money Attractor

Success concept.Do you ever worry that you will never create real success in the business you love? If you’ve ever felt this, please take 3 minutes and read this article.

First of all, know you aren’t alone.

Today I wanted to talk about how certain negative beliefs and doubts (we’ve all had them) can lead to chronic success sabotaging behavior and unnecessary struggle that drives good clients and money away from you faster than a tweet in a Twitter stream.

Check out an email I received from a subscriber about this problem, and then read on to learn WHY this happens, and how to PREVENT it from ruining your chances for getting what you truly want, plus

  • 6 tips to becoming a money attractor and
  • 10 crucial questions you need to answer honestly


Hi Janis,
Several years ago I started my coaching and consulting business.

If I do a tele-class and don’t make sales I feel like giving up. I spend so much time on social media but I don’t get how it really helps. And I really don’t understand what technology to use sometimes, or how it works. It feels overwhelming to me.I was so excited to do what I loved and to be able to help people, and I started out doing anything I knew to get clients. I went to networking events, built a website, started a page on Facebook, tried to build contacts on Linked In and started tweeting. I got some clients, but after a year I wasn’t making enough to even pay all my bills. Although I have clawed my way to around $50,000 a year, it all seems so hard and such a struggle. I cannot stop the negative thinking that comes into my mind about whether I am doing the right thing.

I’m at a crossroads and was wondering if you could help. I’ve been following you for some time and I love your advice and approach.

Darlene (last name withheld)


First, thanks for your honesty and self-awareness. I’m glad you contacted me because having this kind of repetitive negative thinking is more common that you might think and it can bring you down. Not only that, it’s a vicious cycle that can actually shut down the flow of clients and money.

And it almost ALWAYS drives success away.

In fact, whether you know it or not, many amazing, talented experts have these uncertain and insecure feelings that get in their way. So the good news is that you’re not alone.

The bad news is that lots of women who feel “helpless” to create full out success NEVER figure out what to do about it until it’s too late and they get burned out. By then the dream is all but dead.

The ATTRACTOR FACTOR necessary to create success is gone.

Now much of this is a vicious cycle. When you have those feelings it’s often because you don’t have the inside knowledge and mastery of business and marketing strategy that will create success. In spite of this evidence, I see lots of people swearing they can go it alone, even when there is proof that it isn’t working. That’s just plain crazy. Because if you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got.

Or you could be doing lots of things right to attract clients. But the WAY you do them could be causing poor results. Like when someone tells me they are getting lots of speaking opportunities but they are making no sales. Or when someone says they are getting great coaching results but they are practically giving their services away for free.

What You DON’T Want To Do

The truth is that the most certain and complete way to drive success away (as far away as possible) is to know what you are doing isn’t working, continue to do it, and feel self doubt and insecure as a result.

We all get to a point where sometimes what we are trying isn’t working. But those who succeed admit it, get help, try something new, change their beliefs, thoughts and actions, and they fix what isn’t working, or learn what they didn’t know before that will propel them forward. They are determined and have a “I’ll do whatever I need to do” attitude.

I’m talking about people that don’t just “talk the talk”, they “walk the walk”.

One of the things I’ve talked about often is how once you believe something to be “true”, you tend to find proof of what it is that you believe all around you in the world.

So if you believe that you will never make 6 figures or more, you can bet you never will. And you’ll find proof. Clients will want to pay you the minimum.

Your marketing efforts won’t work the way you’d hoped. You’ll feel skeptical or doubtful that any of the strategies the top experts are teaching are really worthwhile. You may even accumulate debt and have trouble paying your bills. Or you’ll convince yourself that you’re just in it to help people and the money doesn’t matter. Which is just another way of saying you’re not worth it. Ouch.

What you need is not more random information and ineffective actions.

What You Need Is the Right BELIEF

So instead of trying to “fix” all the things that you think are the problem with your business by yourself, you should actually try to change what you believe which will help PREVENT these problems in the first place. And get help because you can never see the forest for the trees.

Following me here? Good.

I’m going to talk about how to prevent these feelings first, then a few tips on how to become an ATTRACTOR.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. As you might already suspect, it’s crucial to have non-judgmental support and mentoring. Going it alone doesn’t work especially if you are working alone from home. It can be a disaster to try and figure it all out by yourself. And without support you will be left to wallow in self doubt and make the same mistakes over and over.
  2. It takes courage to look at the beliefs and habits that are holding you back, and then to find a way to change them permanently. And again… you can’t do it alone. You need support and guidance.
  3. When you have self doubt you also may not think you are worthy of investing in yourself in your business. This can be a Catch 22. Only you can get out of your comfort zone and get help anyway. And yes it’s scary.
  4. BECAUSE GUESS WHAT–Clients are attracted to confident, experienced, highly visible experts who charge what they’re worth. This shows the client that you believe in the results you can get.
  5. Clients are also attracted to experts who “get” them, listen to them and are leaders who guide them to make a buying decision that will benefit them tremendously.
  6. 6.    Businesses that succeed are run by people who know they need to learn what they don’t know from experts who do. They are not “do-it-yourselfers”. Nope, they want the shortcuts and they want them now. They want to put a DETAILED PLAN IN PLACE TO ACHIEVE THEIR BIG VISION! 

Face the Truth and Your Feelings Fearlessly

You don’t want to keep “playing games” with your business, do you? You CAN and need to face your feelings about your ability to succeed, about money, and the truth about where your business is going.

  1. Is your marketing working?
  2. Do you know exactly the type of client that will most likely say yes?
  3. Do you know how to get them to yes?
  4. Do you know where there are money leaks in your business?
  5. Do you know how to get more traffic and subscribers quickly?
  6. Do you have the courage to double your promotional efforts?
  7. Do you know if you have a stand out brand that gets you noticed?
  8. Do you have a reason for every action you take in your business? This is called STRATEGY and without it you will get random, inconsistent results.
  9. Do you believe in yourself?
  10. Do you believe you have the capability of creating a wildly LUCRATIVE BUSINESS? 

Okay, I can see your mind spinning. Do me a favor. Stop. Take a deep breath in and out. Relax. I’ll wait.



Now make a decision. Which direction do you want to go?

If you’ve read this far and you are raring and ready to finally and quickly create a sizable breakthrough in your business, including creating a success blueprint that will open new money doors for you, go ahead and take a leap of faith and join me in the Prosperity Breakthrough Workshop.

It starts next week. No time to ponder. You need to check in with your heart and your instincts, make a decision now and act quickly. (There is a 30 day guarantee if that helps). Have questions? Contact us here.


8 Action Steps to Break through the 5 Most Common Success Blocks

Action StepsIn my last entrepreneurial mindset article I listed the 5 Success Blocks that I’ve found are the most common stumbling blocks for many women who in every other sense are smart, savvy experts who work hard. Now I’d like to give you 8 action steps that can help you begin to shift. You can know every marketing strategy in the world. You can work hard and be darn good at what you do. But if these blocks stand in the way you’ll likely struggle and not understand why. I’ve been there. Breaking through is exhilarating.

Here are 8 action steps you can start practicing TODAY that can help you improve your ability to get the results you want in your business (and your life). They are not about marketing or social media, but about doing the inner work that allows the right marketing, clients and money to flow into your life.

1) Make a list of what you’ve done that is extraordinary in ANY area of your life

  • List it.
  • Bask in it.
  • Own it.

2) Make a list of how you are valuable to others—clients, family, friends, the world.

  • Write it down.
  • Read it out loud.
  • Acknowledge it.
  • Own it.

3) Write down which situations cause you to lose your sense of power to control outcomes and go from confident and competent to unsure or insecure.

An example would be if you have created an awesome product or scheduled a webinar and only a few people show up or you only make a few sales. I’ve seen that through people off track for weeks.

4)  Identify any OLD message or wound that causes this to happen. Just becoming aware of the message is powerful because you begin to see how it’s controlling you and you can kick it to the curb.

  • When are you buying into this message
  • Why?
  • What is the trigger?
  • Become conscious and aware each day for a week.
  • Go back to owning your value by telling yourself the truth, which is most likely the OPPOSITE of your old message.

5) Overcoming Stamp of Approval—ask yourself in each situation, what is the WORST that would happen if someone disapproves of my words or actions?

  • Could you survive it?
  • How many more people would love what you do because you took a stand or came from a confident place?
  • How can you ignore the naysayers and start surrounding yourself with YAYsayers?
  • Begin to accept that to step into the spotlight, you will not be“all that” to everyone.
  • Feel aligned with your purpose. If you are fulfilling it you will connect with the RIGHT people

6) Getting past “they can’t afford it if I charge more”

  • What kind of person CAN afford it?
  • Who says THEY can’t?
  • Are you confident about the value you offer?
  • Are you able to articulate it?
  • Do you BELIEVE you are worth more money?
  • How much money are you losing my undercharging?

7) Letting go of Overwhelm

  • Monitor how you spend your time for a week
  • What % is spent on MONEY GENERATING tasks
  • List rote tasks are not worth your hourly rate.
  • Outsource them
  • What can you change that you currently spend time doing in your business? What is siphoning off your time?
  • Begin to value your time as precious

8) Work on becoming a Money Magnet

  • Create a Money Attraction Avatar who truly cares and encourages your success. How does he or she look, act and interact with you?
  • Imagine that this person was your best friend, your confidant, the one who believes in you and encourages you to be the best you can be.
  • Let her tell you how she will show up in your life when you offer value to others
  • Give generously to open the giving and receiving flow
  • Be aware of those negative Money Monster Messages that may be sabotaging you and making you believe you have to stay small
  • Make an abundance gratitude list. We all have so much more than most people in the world. Look around you and list every single thing that provides you with comfort, health and nourishment. You’ll be amazed and you’ll start to feel abundance

Once you begin to understand that where you put your mental focus and your emotions is actually creating your results. If you choose, even unconsciously to focus on lack, worry, fearful thoughts and worst case outcomes, you will attract that and you will act as if that’s what you deserve.

If instead each day you CHOSE to try to focus on happiness, joy, abundance, and gratitude your actions, results and life will begin to make a seismic shift. This is a daily choice.

Please share your comments and what you are committed to changing so everyone can benefit.

Want to start a seismic shift in your business? I challenge you to do so if you’re ready. If you are I have a few open slots when we can have a private conversation. If you are ready for a real breakthrough and a prosperity plan, let’s talk. In less than 60 minutes we’ll get you started in a new, exciting direction.

Overcome These 5 Success Blocks and It Will Change Everything

signI hope you enjoy this article in my entrepreneurial mindset series.

Lots of people talk about turning their passion and purpose into a successful business, but often there is a disconnect that seems to prevent them from really realizing that dream. It’s easy to see what needs to change for someone else, but difficult to see what is blocking you.

Most of us share similar core desires. We want to live our purpose, find joy in our work, change the lives of others, create financial freedom and have the time to enjoy our lives. We want to be respected, sought out, influential. We want to have our boundaries respected and we want to be able to stand in our power and be paid what we’re worth. Finally we want to create and generate abundance and inspire love in others. Money is simply a tool that allows many of these desires to become reality.

If you are frustrated because what you want is not what you are experiencing, it’s often due to the interference of one or more of 5 internal success blocks. Every one is fear based and can stop you from really soaring. Everyone faces them. Awareness is the first step.

Once you work on breaking through these blocks amazing things start to happen. For example, the exact marketing strategies that were getting minimal results suddenly attract wonderful high paying clients. The product with low sales (even though it got great client results) suddenly starts to attract buyers. And those are just a few examples of the real results I’ve seen with clients. Why? Because overcoming these blocks reveals the authentic you, minus the fear. And it sets up free.

What are the 5 blocks and how can they show up in your business?

1. Struggle

When you feel like you can’t achieve success without struggle it often shows up as feelings of overwhelm, like you always have too much to do and don’t know where to start. You may end working too much, and it feels like a grind with little fun or joy. You may have lots of unfinished projects and little to show for your hard work. And you may continue doing the same thing even though it’s not getting great results.

2. Scarcity

So many people are held back by their relationship with money—the only remaining taboo subject. I had to work hard to overcome this block, but the results happen fast. When you suffer with this block you may find yourself often saying “I can’t afford it”, even when you know it’s something you need. Money worries may dominate your subconscious thoughts. You may carry debt and search for free or low cost solutions that still don’t help you. You may undercharge, thinking your clients “can’t afford more”.

This often results in fear of investing in your business or yourself and in not having a solid money map for your business. It’s a “not enough” mentality that is costing you big time.

3. Skepticism

Being skeptical is often the result of having been burned in the past. The problem is that if you don’t start to trust again, you will always feel victimized by others. Skepticism can show up as fear you won’t get what you paid for, fear that you are getting “ripped off”, believing that nothing will really work, even an unwillingness to believe the legitimate success stories of others. It’s easy for skeptics to make excuses, blames others for their lack of progress.

Real transformation happens when you take 100% responsibility for your success!

4. Self doubt

Did you ever feel shame about lack of progress in your business? Did you wonder if people will really pay you for your expertise? You’re not alone. It’s called Impostor syndrome and it’s quite common. The problem is that you are not acknowledging the life altering results you can help your clients achieve. If you are struggling with self doubt you may over deliver and under charge, costing you thousands in lost income. You may fear failing but also fear that if you succeed you will alienate family and friends.

It’s time to start listing all the ways you are valuable to others and all the ways you have been extraordinary in your life.

Operating from the fear space will always keep you small and wanting for more.

5. Stamp of approval

Are you often worried about what others will think of you? Do you try to make everything perfect before you’ll put it out there? This is deathly if you want to create lots of videos, emails, promotional materials and content. And that’s the only way you can gain visibility and lots of great clients. People who struggle with this block often fear criticism of any kind, they rarely make fast decisions and they put approval above success.

Think about Oprah. Are there Oprah haters? Sure. Are there millions of people who admire her, learn from her and follow her? Yes. If you want to stand in your power and lead, then you have to get noticed. Not everyone will like you, but most will love you. This takes courage, but the payoff is huge.

In my next article I’ll share some daily steps you can take to start the process of transforming and releasing any of these that are holding you back from a booming business.

You’re invited to my FREE webinar training– Prosperity Breakthrough Secrets-Crack the Success Code. There are 3 other powerful breakthrough areas that could transform your business fast. I’ll be demonstrating them on the webinar. REGISTER HERE

Is Lack of Promotion Blocking Your Success?

woman marketingOne thing you may not have realized when you started a business is that you are not just in the business of whatever it is you do. Nope. That is only one part of running a money generating business. You are also in the business of marketing and sales. In fact for most successful small business owners, this is what they spend at least 50% of their time planning and implementing.

I regularly see smart women with a high level of expertise and drive stymied by their lackluster income. And almost always, the reason is lack of promotion. So why would you hesitate to shout from the rooftops about the wonderful ways in which you can serve and help your clients?

Here are the most common reasons. Some of them are fear based and if you honestly assess what’s going on, you can certainly change it. In fact increasing your promotion may be the secret to unlocking your success.

1) You’re not sure what will work. You’ve tried some marketing ideas but they haven’t really paid off so you feel gun shy about trying more.

We’ve all tried something that has failed. It’s part of the entrepreneurial experience. But you simply need to learn from it and move on. The truth is that you may need to really master a marketing strategy that works, while also looking at why something hasn’t worked for you. Sometimes you have the right strategy but you’re just not reaching enough people. Sometimes you may reach lots of people but with the wrong product. If you haven’t worked with a successful coach or mentor you may be doing what I call random acts of marketing, but without a step by step proven system.

2) You don’t want to seem sleazy or pushy.

This is a common reason. As women we are taught to be nice, to be humble and accommodating. These are wonderful qualities and you don’t need to give them up to promote your business. You just have to keep them in balance. Promotion is simply about talking passionately about what you do and what you offer that gets results. You can do this through your blog, in social media, in emails or on your website, live or anywhere you find people in your target market. Promote by answering important questions your prospects have, offering free advice, providing good content that positions you as a go-to expert.

3) You’ve been taught that it’s rude to talk about yourself and you’re afraid of offending

For women particularly this is a serious issue. Many of us were brought up to be “nice girls”. We were taught to be modest, not brag, to be non-assertive, even passive. So we have bought into this subconscious but powerful belief that promotion is doing just that,  and it manifests as real fear and discomfort when it’s time to step into the spotlight, to ask people to follow us, listen to us, attend our teleclasses or webinars, subscribe to your list or buy from us.

This belief will leave you stuck making every excuse in the world for not promoting your business, which will leave you hiding your true gifts.

  1. Bring awareness to this belief.
  2. Ask yourself if it’s really true that if you share your message you’re bragging or being aggressive
  3. Affirm that you can only help more people if you share your message with as many people as possible
  4. Do it even if it’s scary.

Next, create a well planned, multi-pronged promotional campaign for each product and service you offer. Just a few emails and tweets won’t get you great results.

It’s crucial that you take action and promote every week. When you skip weeks or months your business starts to dry up and fade away. I’m not talking about hammering people over the head with sales offers. That doesn’t work. But plan a series of educational events like tele-classes, online conferences, webinars, videos, blog posts and email series that build curiosity and interest in your product or programs while offering true value to your prospects or subscribers at the same time.

To get started,

  •  Create a marketing calendar. I use Google calendars. 
  • Plan one to two promotions each month. These could be with joint venture partners as well. 
  • Then add what you will do weekly to move more people from other sources such as social media onto your subscriber list and attract and engage with more social media followers.
  • Work on building your social media following each week.

Try this for one month and you will start to see results. Won’t that feel great!

Entrepreneurial Mindset Makeover Series: How Charging Too Little and Giving Too Much Undervalues You

Entrepreneurial Mindset Makeover Series:

Enjoy the first article in my Entrepreneurial Mindset Makeover series. This series will help you remove the internal ways of thinking, habits and old beliefs that create an invisible wall between you and real success. It’s crucial that you do this inner work along with daily action in your business. 

How Charging Too Little and Giving Too Much Undervalues You

Businesswoman.As women we have been conditioned and are wired to nurture, to serve and to give. This is a beautiful thing, until, like a fast growing weed, we overdue it and it starts to overwhelm us and undermine our efforts to create a powerful, successful business and a life filled with joy and passion.

Each time you undercharge for your time and services you are sending a message that you don’t attach much value to what you do. As a result people don’t value what you offer as highly as they should. And you will tend to attract people who care more about a bargain then about getting amazing results from you. Some people undercharge because they fear that “people won’t be able to pay me more”. I’ve heard this so many times. Who decided that people won’t pay you more?  If you are deciding what someone else can or can’t afford, what is really happening is that you are afraid you will lose a potential client if you “charge too much” and that fear causes you to give everything away, or you afraid your results aren’t valuable. Coming from a place of fear rather than a place of powerful certainty that you can change that client’s life in some way will not attract your ideal clients because you are not owning and articulating your value.

I’ve helped many coaches and consultants who charged a low monthly rate and worked too many hours completely transform their businesses. They also often over-delivered. Again, over-delivering springs from fear—fear that your client won’t like you, recommend you or continue to work with you if you don’t give them everything they ask for and more.

Think of your ability to give and nurture as a well. If you keep pulling water out but no new water enters the well runs dry.  And just think about how you’re missing out on the joy and exhilaration of success with time available to live the life you want.

As long as you can articulate the value of what you offer and you get results that really are transforming you can start charging more.

People don’t pay for your time, they pay for results!

Just do some simple calculations to understand the money you’re leaving on the table. Say you’re a coach charging $400 a month for 3 hours of monthly coaching (a common occurrence). That’s $2400 for six months if the client stays with you that long. Imagine if you created a 6-month package that sold for $5500 and that required less of your time but got the same great results. And let’s say we’re talking about serving 10 clients. That’s $55,000 vs. just $24,000—more than double and in less time. Plus with a package you can spell out exactly what your clients can expect and what they’ll receive, thus eliminating the problem of over-delivering. And the type of clients who will pay you more will value you more and will work harder to succeed.

You only have so much time and energy, right? Why not make the most of them and fill your well with more joy, more time and more money.

To get started honoring what you’re worth–

  • Pay attention to how you justify undercharging and over-delivering. What story do you tell yourself that keeps you stuck? I can guarantee you those stories emanate from fear.
  • Re-write the stories to come from a place of self-love, honoring your value, and proudly speaking about the results you can achieve.
  • Tell yourself the new story. Imagine yourself living the new story every day. How would it feel?
  • Create a new higher priced package, program or service and clearly articulate the results it gets and how it will change some aspect of your client’s life.
  • Ask people to say yes. Will it be scary? Probably. Will it take a bit of courage? Sure. Will the results be amazing? Absolutely. You may not get a “yes” on the first try, but if you keep doing the above you will get a “yes”.

How to Know What Your Time is Really Worth

Your time is your most precious resource. It’s even more precious than money. It’s an energy source that’s finite and you can’t get it back. That’s why so many of us list time freedom at the top of our entrepreneurial wish list. And it’s why you may have chosen to start a home based online business that you hope will give you the lifestyle you want.

Have you ever done some cold hard calculations on what each hour of your workday is worth? You might be surprised at the results.

Let’s say you work 40 hours a week and you bring in $3000 a month. You may be shocked to know that your hourly rate is only $19! Up the monthly sales to $5000 and your rate goes up to $31.25. Still not great.  But if you really have a powerful success strategy and an in demand premium product and your sales jump to $20,000 a month, working 25 hours a week (100 hours per month), suddenly your hourly rate jumps to $200!                 Here is the simple formula so you can figure out your hourly rate: Divide your monthly sales by the total number of hours you worked during the month.

The big question is this—are you making what you’re worth? Are you happy with how much your time is currently worth? There are a few questions that will help you figure this out:

  1. Are you getting your clients results that are truly transformational?
  2. Are you charging by the hour or month instead of basing your fees on the value of the significant results your clients get?
  3. Are you working hard to sell tons of low priced products or are you selling premium solutions to well-paying higher level clients?
  4. Are you wasting time on rote tasks that could and should be outsourced, like bookkeeping, checking email, submitting videos or articles, taking care of minor customer service issues, sending out emails to your list or making changes to your website?
  5. Are you holding onto a belief that success means struggle, endless and tiring hard work and no fun? Many of us were taught that and we internalized it. Now it’s time to let it go!

Imagine having your business organized in such a way that you had lots of free time, your productivity was really high when you did work, you were making enough money to feel financially free. Wouldn’t that be great?

Here are some tips to help you start using your time in the most worthwhile way—

  • Make a daily list of tasks that are money generating. Complete those tasks first each day.
  • Compute your current hourly rate then set a goal as to what you would like it to be.
  • Focus your attention on selling your premium services instead of on selling low priced products. This is crucial because it takes the same effort and yet it generates much more income.
  • Look at raising your prices or restructuring your packages. I see many women undercharging and over-delivering. Consider the most direct way you can deliver amazing results. Then charge clients for those results, not for your time. This is a HUGE shift in the way you think and it requires you to really value yourself and not be afraid of communicating the results you’ve been getting your clients.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can achieve this quickly in your business, register for my free webinar training—The Experts Freedom Formula. I’ll show you how I’ve done this and what I teach my clients.

6 Simple Steps to Becoming a Successful, In-Demand Expert Entrepreneur

Business WomanPeople often ask me about my journey to becoming a successful coach and entrepreneur generating a generous six figures per year. Did I just instinctively know what to do? Did I make the same mistakes they’ve made?

The answers are that sometimes I knew what to do either from experience or from listening to my inner voice or intuition, and yet, I still made so many mistakes I’ve lost count. But I learned from them and used them as a catalyst to do better and develop a better system that consistently gets great results.

If you are a coach, consultant or expert  you may be struggling to get to  create a real prosperity breakthrough. In fact, what stops most experts from getting there is that they are stuck in a dead-end business model with too few low paying clients and no idea how to change that. The result is-

  • Charging too little
  • Focusing on selling low priced or “one-off” products
  • Over delivering
  • Not enough subscribers or leads
  • The wrong kind of clients
  • Bright shiny object syndrome- going after the next new idea
  • No financial freedom plan or business building strategy

If that has been your experience then it’s time to change what you’ve been doing.  The fastest path to creating a fun, passion based, lucrative business is to follow these 6 simple steps


  1. Define WHY you are doing what you do. Of course you want to make more money, but why? Do you want a better house, more free time, more travel, to volunteer more, or to retire in comfort? Is your desire to impact and even transform the lives of your clients? You need to know because they WHY is what motivates and drives you.
  2. Discover and commit to making the mental shift you’ll need to get there. Do you believe you could charge what you’re really worth and get it? Do you believe people will really say yes to your products or programs? Do you believe you could actually create financial freedom? If not, you have some work to do.
  3. Figure out the Biggest, most in demand Results you can get your clients—the ones that will solve an urgent and frustrating problem. Then create the marketing language that communicates that result in way that makes people sit up, take notice and take action.
  4. Create a premium package– a Big Results Offer– that commands a premium price and that delivers premium results as quickly as possible. Then start offering it right away.
  5. Create a semi-automated marketing funnel that drives highly qualified leads to you every month. These are people that will eagerly see the value you offer and say yes to enrolling in your premium program. High value webinars, joint ventures and speaking are a great place to start.
  6. Rinse and repeat each month

This simple formula can regularly generate five-figures a month in just 25 hours a week. Implementing it can bust through the income ceiling many knowledgeable experts experience.