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Isn’t it time to play a bigger game so you can serve more clients, see bigger results and create a lucrative lifestyle business?


Are you a CEO, Expert, Consultant or Service-Based Business Owner who is serious about building a more profitable company?

Are you dedicated to transforming people or companies through your work, but know your business has not fully flowered?

In order to do so, you may have come to realize that besides passion you must learn and implement practical, proven strategies that generate ongoing sales and you’ll need to breakthrough any inner barriers that hold you back from playing your biggest game and fully impacting others and the world.

Practical Proven Strategies

Have you ever felt that the time and money you invest monthly on marketing is not yielding maximum results? You still find yourself searching for an easier way to fill you business with great clients. Before you throw more money into a bottomless pit, wouldn’t it better to spend that money on practical, proven strategies that communicate your value powerfully, grow your reach and create a consistent stream of qualified leads and premium clients?

Many of our clients tried various approaches like cold calling, SEO, email, tradeshows, email marketing, blogging, video, social media….maybe you can relate.  They were frustrated because they felt like they were wasting a lot of time and money on marketing that just didn’t work in places that didn’t convert.

For example—

  • Most didn’t have a clue that 90% of the traffic they worked hard to get was bouncing off their site and often ended up with a competitor.
  • Many didn’t know that there was an automated marketing process that would do a lot of the heavy lifting for them

This is eye-opening.  We help people just like you create a lead generation and client conversion process that is semi-automated and will close more sales with more premium clients.

Here are the four most crucial areas of mastery necessary to cause a major shift in your business. Some of them involve inner shifts and some outer strategy shifts.  In which area do you need help?

Get More High Quality Leads & Clients


Create a compelling brand and message

Generate consistent targeted traffic

Attract more leads and close more sales with automated marketing systems that work 24/7

Convert more website visitors than ever into customers

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How to Get and Keep All the Clients You Need

Expand and Grow without Working More


Put automated systems in place that save time and money

Make your business scalable for fast growth

Leverage what you’ve already created instead of reinventing the wheel

Expand your team so you can run your business instead of running yourself ragged

Complete the Business Growth Readiness Assessment,

then schedule a Business Strategy Call to review the results

Move Past Inner Roadblocks to Open the Door to Bigger Results


Breakthrough negative core beliefs and habits that hold you back

Create your business from a place of inner power, confidence and purpose

Play a bigger, more exciting game

Access inner resources that will allow you to overcome any challenge

Complete the Business Growth Readiness Assessment,

then schedule a Business Strategy Call to review the results

Stand Out, Soar and Lead


Lead -Become the go-to person in your market with high visibility

Reach – Become an influencer and make a difference

Move beyond your comfort zone and reach your biggest goal

Complete the Business Growth Readiness Assessment,

then schedule a Business Strategy Call to review the results

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"Our profits have increased by 30%!"

Working with Janis Pettit substantially improved our business by organizing our goals and assisting Hands On Health in maintaining the momentum to follow through. As a result, our profits have increased by 30%."

ELIZABETH LAURINO Owner, Hands on Health

"I can't imagine starting out without your guidance!"  

Janis, you are a consummate professional and bring that to your Coaching Programs which are loaded with value for the small business owner wherever he or she might be. Please utilize me as a reference for anyone who might be on the fence. This is about taking a giant leap and soaring!"

PEGGY COLLINS,  Speaker, Author, Coach "The Working Gal's Guru" Help is Not a Four Letter Word

In a few short months, I feel completely in control and excited about my business!

"Having built a successful online business once before, I thought doing it again would be a snap. But before I knew it, I felt as though I was simply spinning my wheels! I was making little to no progress financially.

Now, with help from Janis and all of her resources and support, I not only have a solid foundation, a cleaner and more organized website, but I also have a product and profit plan in place that makes sense and is easy to implement. I now have a complete understanding of how and where the money will come in. In a few short months, I feel completely in control and excited about my business!î