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Isn’t it time to play a bigger game and turn your Expertise into a high service, lucrative lifestyle business?

Dear small business owner or self-employed entrepreneur

Your knowledge, expertise, passion and skills create a unique opportunity to offer your gifts to the world through your work, yet you may find yourself —

  • eager to learn how to attract a FLOOD OF QUALITY CLIENTS to your business every month
  • searching for access to business building strategies and systems that will transform your business
  • ready to make the leap from self-employed to sought after ENTREPRENEUR
  • looking for ways to create reliable streams of passive and recurring income
  • fed up investing in courses and books that leave you still confused about what to do next
  • looking for PROVEN marketing strategies, AFFORDABLE resources and tools that WORK
  • ready to BUILD THE BUSINESS YOU DREAMED OF when you started
  • inspired to serve others with your knowledge skills and talent
  • ready

If you understand the importance of having a proven STRATEGY and SUCCESS BLUEPRINT, and how that can transform your business from “random results” to “big results” and even spectacular success, then I hope you’ll start by watching  my FREE training webinar, How to Get and Keep All the Clients You Need

  • Build the Business You Deserve
  • Create the Personal Lifestyle You Want
  • Create a Solid , Sustainable Personal Income and Financial Freedom
  • Master the Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Discover the Systems that will Set You Free!

    Isn’t it time to get the small business coaching help that will show you exactly how to transform your knowledge, skills, message or passion into a new level of profits and prosperity?

    “In a few short months, I feel completely in control and excited about my business!”

    “Having built a successful online business once before, I thought doing it again would be a snap. But before I knew it, I felt as though I was simply spinning my wheels! I created a lot of great content, but had a difficult time getting a product line in place that lead people from one step to the next and I was making little to no progress financially.

    Once I started working with Janis, it became clear that I needed a more solid foundation in place to build on (I was essentially putting the cart before the horse). Now, with help from Janis and all of her resources and support, I not only have a solid foundation, a cleaner and more organized website, but I also have a product and profit plan in place that makes sense and is easy to implement. I’m so looking forward to seeing the results this year. Not to mention, I now have a complete understanding of how and where the money will come in. In a few short months, I feel completely in control and excited about my business!”

    Deidre Hughey

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"Our profits have increased by 30%!"

Working with Janis Pettit substantially improved our business by organizing our goals and assisting Hands On Health in maintaining the momentum to follow through. As a result, our profits have increased by 30%."

ELIZABETH LAURINO Owner, Hands on Health

"I can't imagine starting out without your guidance!"  

Janis, you are a consummate professional and bring that to your Coaching Programs which are loaded with value for the small business owner wherever he or she might be. Please utilize me as a reference for anyone who might be on the fence. This is about taking a giant leap and soaring!"

PEGGY COLLINS,  Speaker, Author, Coach "The Working Gal's Guru" Help is Not a Four Letter Word